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Kitty and Doggie, Duo

Kitty and Doggie, Duo


Kitty and Doggie, Duo

Tubing Color, Head Size, 2nd Head Size, 2nd Head Design
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Duo Stethoscopes come with 2 custom head designs, 2 connectors, your choice of tubing color, extra eartips, and name tag.

Tubing Color

Black [BK], Burgundy [BU], Green [GR], Hot Pink [HP], Lavender [LA], Light Blue [LB], Light Green [LG], Light Pink [LP], Navy Blue [NA], Orange [OR], Purple [PU], Red [RD], Royal Blue [RB], Teal [TE], Yellow [YE]

Head Size

Adult, Pediatric (For up to 45 lbs)

2nd Head Size

Adult, Pediatric (For up to 45 lbs)

2nd Head Design

50's Chic, Accent Color with Silver Swirls, Alligator, Ambulance, American Flag, Angel in Lavender, Angel in Light Pink Dress, Asian Dragon, Bass Fishing, Beach, Black Wave with Color, Blue Swirl, Blue, Teal and White with Glitter Swirled, British Union Jack Flag, Brown Camoflauge, Busy Bees, Butterflies, Canadian Flag, Cartoon Cow, Cartoon Sheep, Cat Face, Clouds, Clown, Color Streamers with Glitter, Confetti & Glitter on Royal Blue, Confetti & Glitter on Silver, Cow Print, Diagonal, Doggie, Dolphin, Dragonfly, Eagle, Easter Scene with Cross, Ethnic Female Stick Doctor, Ethnic Female Stick Doctor with Paws, Ethnic Male Stick Doctor, Ethnic Stick Nurse, Ethnic Stick Scrubs, Ethnic Stick Scrubs with Paws, Fairy, Female Stick Doctor, Female Stick Doctor with Paw Prints, Fire Truck, Flames, Flamingo, Fleur de Lis, Flip Flops, Flower Power, Flower Vines, Frog, Galloping Horse, Garden Gate, Glow in the Dark, Gold & Silver, Gold and Color Swirls with Glitter, Goldfish, Golf Green, Green Camouflage, Helicopter, Hologram, Hooves & Paw, Horse Head, Horse, Cat & Dog, Horseshoes, Hot Pink Awareness Ribbon, Hummingbird, Iridescent, Kitty, Kitty & Doggie, Ladybugs, Lavender & Royal Blue, Leopard Print, Lighthouse, Lizard, Male Stick Doctor, Male Stick Doctor with Paws, Man in the Moon, Manatee, Meadow Scene, Monkey, Mountains, Multi Color Stripes, Multi-Glitter, Nature's Helpers, Navy, White, Gold & Black Crackel, Orca Whale, Palm Tree Blue Sky, Palm Tree Sunset, Paw Prints, Penguin, Pig, Playing Cards, Purple, Gold and White Crackel, Purple, Teal & Gold Swirl, Race Cars, Rainbow & Clouds, Red, Black & Gold Stripes, Ring of Dolphins, Royal Blue Swirl on Teal, Royal Blue, Teal & Silver, Royal Blue, Teal and Silver Stripes, Rubber Duckies, Sail Boat, Sea Turtle, Smiley Face, Solid Black (painted), Solid Color with Multi Glitter, Splash of Red, White, Blue and Glitter, Starry Night (Black & Gold Glitter), Stick Nurse, Stick Scrubs, Stick Scrubs with Paw Prints, Stork & Baby Boy, Stork and Baby Girl, Streamers on Silver, Sun Face, Tabby Cat Eyes, Teal and Royal Blue on Pink, Teal and Royal Blue Sponged with Glitter, Teal Swirl, Teddy Bear, tick Girl & Boy, Tiger, Tiger Eye Stripes, Tree Frogs, Tropical Abstract, Tropical Birds, Wash Your Hands, Watermelon, Zebra Print

Additional Colors