Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are experiencing some delays in shipping times and product availability (2-3 weeks). Rest assured, the Scrubs in Fashion team is making every effort to get your uniforms out to you as soon as possible and we will continue to do so throughout this crisis. We appreciate you, the heroes working on the front lines of this crisis in every sector of the medical field and we thank you for your service.

UlrtaScope Fun
Cow Print, Duo
Cow Print, Duo...
Style: UDUO013

Price: $155.95
Glow in the Dark, Duo
Glow in the Dark,...
Style: UDUO018

Price: $155.95
Hologram, Duo
Hologram, Duo...
Style: UDUO022

Price: $155.95
Golf Green, Duo
Golf Green, Duo...
Style: UDUO042

Price: $155.95
Smiley Face, Duo
Smiley Face, Duo...
Style: UDUO046

Price: $155.95
watermelon, Adult Or Pediatric, Duo Stethoscope
watermelon, Adult Or Pediatric,...
Style: UDUO047

Price: $155.95
Tropical Abstract, Duo
Tropical Abstract, Duo...
Style: UDUO048

Price: $155.95
Clouds, Duo
Clouds, Duo...
Style: UDUO063

Price: $155.95
Stick Nurse, Duo
Stick Nurse, Duo...
Style: UDUO067

Price: $155.95
Clown, Duo
Clown, Duo...
Style: UDUO073

Price: $155.95
Flames, Duo
Flames, Duo...
Style: UDUO090

Price: $155.95
Strawberries, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Strawberries, Adult or Pediatric,...
Style: UDUO091

Price: $155.95
Flower Power, Duo
Flower Power, Duo...
Style: UDUO093

Price: $155.95
Flip Flops, Duo
Flip Flops, Duo...
Style: UDUO106

Price: $155.95
Rainbow and Clouds, Duo
Rainbow and Clouds, Duo...
Style: UDUO111

Price: $155.95
Playing Cards, Duo
Playing Cards, Duo...
Style: UDUO114

Price: $155.95
Wash Your Hands, Duo
Wash Your Hands, Duo...
Style: UDUO119

Price: $155.95
Diagonal, Duo
Diagonal, Duo...
Style: UDUO120

Price: $155.95
Fairy, Duo
Fairy, Duo...
Style: UDUO123

Price: $155.95
Bones & Paw Prints, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Bones & Paw Prints,...
Style: UDUO130

Price: $155.95
Stick Surgeon, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Stick Surgeon, Adult or...
Style: UDUO132

Price: $155.95
Bicyclist, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Bicyclist, Adult or Pediatric,...
Style: UDUO135

Price: $155.95
Bubbles Elephant, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Bubbles Elephant, Adult or...
Style: UDUO136

Price: $155.95
Stick Runner, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Stick Runner, Adult or...
Style: UDUO137

Price: $155.95
Girly Skull, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Girly Skull, Adult or...
Style: UDUO146

Price: $155.95
Sunny Side Up, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Sunny Side Up, Adult...
Style: UDUO147

Price: $155.95
Peace Signs, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Peace Signs, Adult or...
Style: UDUO149

Price: $155.95
Football, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Football, Adult or Pediatric,...
Style: UDUO151

Price: $155.95
Baseball, Adult or Pediatric,Duo
Baseball, Adult or Pediatric,Duo...
Style: UDUO152

Price: $155.95
Basketball, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Basketball, Adult or Pediatric,...
Style: UDUO153

Price: $155.95
Keep Calm & Nurse On (Pre-Engraved), Adult or Pediatric,Duo
Keep Calm & Nurse...
Style: UDUO160

Price: $155.95
OB at your Cervix (Pre-Engraved), Adult or Pediatric, Duo
OB at your Cervix...
Style: UDUO161

Price: $155.95
I mustache you (Pre-Engraved), Adult or Pediatric, Duo
I mustache you (Pre-Engraved),...
Style: UDUO163

Price: $155.95