Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are experiencing some delays in shipping times and product availability (2-3 weeks). Rest assured, the Scrubs in Fashion team is making every effort to get your uniforms out to you as soon as possible and we will continue to do so throughout this crisis. We appreciate you, the heroes working on the front lines of this crisis in every sector of the medical field and we thank you for your service.

UlrtaScope Abstract
Clear or Solid Color, Adult, Pediatric or Neonatal, Duo
Clear or Solid Color,...
Style: UDUO001

Price: $155.95
Splash of Red, White, Blue and Glitter, Duo
Splash of Red, White,...
Style: UDUO002

Price: $155.95
Red, Black and Gold Stripes, Duo
Red, Black and Gold...
Style: UDUO003

Price: $155.95
Camoflauge Design, Duo
Camoflauge Design, Duo...
Style: UDUO005

Price: $155.95
Accent Color with Silver Swirls, Duo
Accent Color with Silver...
Style: UDUO006

Price: $155.95
Multi-Glitter, Duo
Multi-Glitter, Duo...
Style: UDUO007

Price: $155.95
Color Streamers with Glitter, Duo
Color Streamers with Glitter,...
Style: UDUO008

Price: $155.95
Confetti with Glitter, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Confetti with Glitter, Adult...
Style: UDUO009

Price: $155.95
Multi Color Stripes, Duo
Multi Color Stripes, Duo...
Style: UDUO010

Price: $155.95
Purple, Black and Gold Crackel, Duo
Purple, Black and Gold...
Style: UDUO011

Price: $155.95
Black Wave, Duo
Black Wave, Duo...
Style: UDUO012

Price: $155.95
Royal Blue, Teal and Silver Stripes, Duo
Royal Blue, Teal and...
Style: UDUO015

Price: $155.95
Royal Blue, Teal and Silver, Duo
Royal Blue, Teal and...
Style: UDUO020

Price: $155.95
Gold and Silver, Duo
Gold and Silver, Duo...
Style: UDUO021

Price: $155.95
Hologram, Duo
Hologram, Duo...
Style: UDUO022

Price: $155.95
Streamers on Silver, Duo
Streamers on Silver, Duo...
Style: UDUO024

Price: $155.95
Gold and Color Swirls with Glitter, Duo
Gold and Color Swirls...
Style: UDUO025

Price: $155.95
Iridescent, Duo
Iridescent, Duo...
Style: UDUO028

Price: $155.95
Awareness Ribbion, Adult or Pediatric, Duo stethoscope
Awareness Ribbion, Adult or...
Style: UDUO039

Price: $155.95
watermelon, Adult Or Pediatric, Duo Stethoscope
watermelon, Adult Or Pediatric,...
Style: UDUO047

Price: $155.95
Tropical Abstract, Duo
Tropical Abstract, Duo...
Style: UDUO048

Price: $155.95
Starry Night (Black with Gold Glitter), Duo
Starry Night (Black with...
Style: UDUO049

Price: $155.95
Solid Color with Multi Glitter, Duo
Solid Color with Multi...
Style: UDUO050

Price: $155.95
Teal and Royal Blue Sponge with Glitter, Duo
Teal and Royal Blue...
Style: UDUO051

Price: $155.95
Royal Blue Swirl on Teal, Duo
Royal Blue Swirl on...
Style: UDUO054

Price: $155.95
Goddess, Adult or Pediatric, Duo stethoscope
Goddess, Adult or Pediatric,...
Style: UDUO069

Price: $155.95
Tie Dye
Tie Dye...
Style: UDUO076

Price: $159.95
Strawberries, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Strawberries, Adult or Pediatric,...
Style: UDUO091

Price: $155.95
50's Chic, Duo
50's Chic, Duo...
Style: UDUO104

Price: $155.95
Diagonal, Duo
Diagonal, Duo...
Style: UDUO120

Price: $155.95
Three Crosses, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Three Crosses, Adult or...
Style: UDUO128

Price: $155.95
Polka Dots, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Polka Dots, Adult or...
Style: UDUO133

Price: $155.95
Black Pinstripe, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Black Pinstripe, Adult or...
Style: UDUO141

Price: $155.95
Abstract Daisy, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Abstract Daisy, Adult or...
Style: UDUO143

Price: $155.95
Galactic Circles, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Galactic Circles, Adult or...
Style: UDUO144

Price: $155.95
Skull, Adult or Pediatric, Duo
Skull, Adult or Pediatric,...
Style: UDUO145

Price: $155.95